This style of trekking is still the norm in the more remote areas where there are few facilities for independent trekkers. the past decade,however,has seen the emergence of purpose built trekking tea house along the most popular route which has meant that trekkers can now opt to travel independently from tea house to tea house if they so choose.


In Nepal there are numerous ways to arrange a trek because of two major factors.Firstly,inexpensive ( by Western Standards)  professional and nonprofessional laborious available to carry loads and to work as guides and camp staff.Secondly,you can almost always find supplies and accommodation locally because there are people living in in even the most remote trekking areas.I have classified the many possible ways of trekking into four approaches:backpacking,tea hose treks,self-arranged trek and treks with a trekking company.There is a lot of overlap among these,because many aspects of each trekking style spill over into the next.A backpacking trek that stays a few night s in hotel has many of the attributes of a tea house trek. A tea house trek with porters starts to become a self-arranged trek. A self-arranged trek that uses the services of a trekking agency in Nepal is similar to the trekking company approach.

Why to go trekking
Just as Paris is not Representative of the France, so Kathmandu is not Representative of the Nepal. If you have the time and energy to trek, don’t miss the opportunity to leave Kathmandu and see the spectacular beauty and the unique culture of Nepal. Fortunately for the Visitor, there are still only a few roads extending deeply into the hills, so the only way to truly visit the remote regions of the Kingdom is in the slowest and most intimate manner-walking. It requires more time and effort, but the rewards are also greater.Instead of Zipping down a freeway, racing to the next 'point of interest' each step provides new and intriguing viewpoints. You will perceive your day as a rather than a few highlights strung together by a ribbon of concrete. For the romanticist, each step is a step in the footsteps of Hillary, Tenzing, Herzog and other Himalayan explores. If you neither the patience nor the physical stamina to visit of hill Nepal on foot, aircraft and helicopter are available.
First tine trekkers are attracted by the mountains but ask them at the end of there trek for some highlights and meeting the locals will very often come out at the top of their list. One of the joy of trekking in Nepal is getting to meet local people.Nepali people, particularly those living outside of the cities, are some of the friendliest and welcoming people that you could hope to meet anywhere. Provided the trekkers are careful to follow a few simple rules then they will be welcomed with a smile and warmth that will stay with them for a lifetime. For tourist everywhere help by him local people. when people will come in Nepal if they do not go trekking they can’t get the test of Nepal .One my suggestion for the visitor Guest if you are coming Nepal you have to make to go to trekking then you will get the test of the Nepal. When people will go Himalaya they will be Lucky in the Nepali traditional Cultural .therefore i want to say if you are coming Nepal. You have to go trekking but it is your choice.

When to go to Trekking
The excellent time in Nepal to go to treks mainly two seasons .the first three months the dry season (September to November)is the ideal period for trekking in Nepal. The air freshly washed by the monsoon rains, the mountain scenery is superb and the weather still comfortably warm. December, January and February are still good month for trekking can see superb wild flowers, particularly in Nepal’s wonderful rhododendron forest.During the monsoon season (June-August) trekking is possible in the rain-shadow areas of North of the Himalaya like upper Mustang and upper Dolpo.These regions are out of reach the rain clouds because of the high mountains and unaffected by the monsoon. Now Days River trekking also growing in Nepal because the white water rafting is very fantastic.

Style of Trekking

Camping trekking
This trekking is the assisted by a full Sherpa crew including a sider  (leaders),cook and other helpers.porters ,,or mules are used carrying luggage . it is the Sherpa’s responsibility to perform all the camp work, including leaving the sites clean and to guide on the route. Food available on the trek will be a mixture of western and Asian dishes with variety of choices. When u will go camping trek than u will get the test of the natural things and natural life style as will as traditional culture.

Tea house Trekking
On the more popular treks in Nepal, enterprising villagers have built tea house lodges. They are most readily available in the Everest langtang and the entire Annapurna regions .the country offers a selecting of tea house treks run to a high level of service. Now Day's tea house trekking value is growing.Tea house trekking is the most popular form of trekking along the many established trails in the Himalayas. It involves stopping each night to eat and sleep at a local Tea House on the way. Our guide leads you along your route, organizing and paying for places where you eat and sleep so the only thing you have to worry about is getting your boots off and your feet up before a hot shower and a wholesome meal. Although many tea houses and hotels in the hills and mountains are reasonably comfortable, some may be dirty and, in areas where chimneys are rare, rooms may be smoky. Your guide will ensure that the places you eat and stay in subscribe to the minimum levels of comfort you expect - a clean room, hot water showers and a reasonable menu of good local and foreign dishes.The benefit of Tea House Trekking is that, by arranging food and accommodation locally through the guide, you can move at your own pace, set your own schedule and - most importantly - meet and experience the real life of the rural people first hand.

River trekking
River trekking is the new way of the Nepal tourism .it is related with the total activities in the rive area trisili river trekking; bhotekoshi river trekking is nice river trekking in Nepal.

Back packing
In back packing treks, the packers carry all their gear and equipment by themselves on their back. Mostly these people following the trading routes or regular trails and stay in the local tea houses or lodges. It is also related with the tea house trekking.


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